Vector network analyzer module

Vector network analyzer is great solution to test and optimize
performance of:

- Antennas ( SWR (return loss, S11) )
- RF filters
- RF switches
- couplers
- cables
- amplifiers
- isolators
- mixers
Note: To use the VNA application an additional VNA bridge module is
needed. The VNA bridge module is available on our web store .
VNA is a contributed Python application by Pavel Demin that runs on a
WINDOWS or Linux OS.

- plot formats: smith chart, impedance, SWR, ref. coeff, return loss
- supported calibration modes (open, short & load)
- measurement export
- marker readouts
- PC-controlled over LAN of WIFI from a Microsoft Windows interface

- freq. range 500k to 62MHz
- directivity 42 dB, typical
- dynamic range: 74dB
- noise floor: - 88dBm

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