Logic analyzer

 Basic Logic AnalyzerLogic Analyzer PRO
Channels 8th 8th
Sampling rate (max.) 12ms/s 125ms/s
Maximum Input Frequency 3MHz 50MHz
Supported bus protocols I2C, SPI, UART I2C, SPI, UART
Input voltage 3.3V 2.5 ... 5.5V
Overload protection - integrated
Level thresholds - 0.8V (low)
2.0V (high)
Input impedance - 100k, 3 pF
Trigger types Level, edge, pattern Level, edge, pattern
Memory depth 1 MS (typical) 1 MS (typical)
Sampling interval 84ns 8ns
Minimum pulse duration 100ns 10ns


In addition to the Logic analyzer application for maximal performance and protection of your STEMLab board. Using the LA extension module is straightforward, just plug it on your STEMLab and connect the leads to the desired measurement points.

To use the Logic analyzer without the extension module (Logic Analyzer Basic) you need to be more careful in connecting the Logic analyzer probes to the extension connector E1 on the STEMLab board. The pins used for Logic analyzer board are shown in picture below.

Note: Directly using the GPIO expansion connector E1 pins of the STEMLab board only works with STEMlab 125-10! Picture below(left) shows the connection for the STEMlab 125–10 board.