• 02.08.2018

    Electronics industry award

    Dear Red Pitayans, we are delighted to share with you the news that Red Pitaya is a finalist in the Test, Measurement & Inspection Product of the of the Year category in the Electronics Industry Awards. For more information please click on the following link

  • 30.07.2018

    STEMlab from Red Pitaya at the heart of radar warning and information disaster management system

    During a search and rescue operation, emergency teams and trapped survivors are exposed to high risk from partially- destroyed buildings and structures which can collapse causing injury. More, the situation is constantly changing as debris is moved. RAWIS will monitor any movement in the disaster environment and to warn individual of any danger. Harmless motion – people, rescue vehicles, animals, tree leaves etc – must be successfully suppressed. The RAWIS system consists of a main radar system which monitors the entire scene and measures submillimeter debris movements of any debris, auxiliary radars to perform measurements of individual hot spots, and units which are fastened to clothing worn by the rescuers.

  • 11.01.2018

    Precise measurement tool

    Are you searching for a precise measurement tool to use in your classroom or for your students’ electronics projects? Check how the Red Pitaya STEMlab board has been used in the research for this master thesis.

  • 11.01.2018

    Bioimpedance spectroscopy

    Bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) is used to characterize DNA hybridization. Red Pitaya STEMlab board has helped design the biosensor for the detection of DNA sequences.

  • 11.01.2018

    Are you looking for an innovative, low-cost digital back end of your scientific project?

    Check this example and see why Red Pitaya STEMlab is the best one

  • 11.01.2018

    Want to say hello from the processing system in the Zynq SoC with the Red Pitaya STEMlab?

    Want to say hello from the processing system in the Zynq SoC with the Red Pitaya STEMlab? If yes, then this blog will be of big help.

  • 11.01.2018

    RP board used in Reflectometry

    This time, the RP board has been used in Reflectometry! By using the RP STEMlab board it is possible to detect the location of a fault in transmission lines and to determine the amount of cables used in wiring.

  • 11.01.2018

    Implementation of a LIA on the Red Pitaya STEMlab

    Want to know more about the design and the simulation results of an implementation of a LIA on the Red Pitaya STEMlab? 

  • 11.01.2018

    SDR-based ground station

    Red Pitaya STEmlab was used in the very cool tests towards a SDR-based ground station, thus replacing radio-TNC combinations and supporting the more powerful communication protocols.

  • 01.12.2017

    Great news – introducing Jupyter Notebook on Red Pitaya STEMlab!

    Red Pitaya STEMlab is from now on supporting Jupyter notebook.

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