STEMlab 125-14 SCOPE 4Ch


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STEMlab 125-14  Scope 4Ch

Hardware specification:
STEMlab 125-14 4ch Scope is a single board platform that offers same general hardware performances and specifications as STEMlab 125-14,

only difference is that instead of 2 RF input and 2 RF output channels, there are:
- 4 inputs @ 125Msps & 14 bits
- Zynq 7020 (bigger FPGA and more processing capabilities)


The same as for STEMlab125-14 excluding signal generator and all apps that require it.


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Used in STEMlab 125-14 Design


DAC (digital-to-analog converter), dual-port, high speed, 2-channel, 14-bit. Click here for manufacturer specifications

T&M Instruments


This application will turn your STEMlab board into a 2-channel Oscilloscope.

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Spectrum analyzer

This application will turn your STEMlab board into a 2-channel DFT Spectrum Analyzer.

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Logic analyzer Pro

This application turns your STEMlab board into an 8 channel Logic Analyzer.

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It is a place where free of charge open source applications developed by our community members are available within a single click for immediate experience and use.

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Development and learning tools/features

Jupyter / python programming

Jupyter notebooks enables beginners to learn how to start programming STEMlab in 5 minutes and scientist or researchers to easily exploit the full potential of the STEMlab while fully keeping focus on application level.

What is in the box: life license

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MATLAB remote control

Control your STEMlab with MATLAB - the easiest and most productive software environment for engineers and scientists. Perfect combination to speed up your research, prototyping and testing.

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Control STEMlab with LabVIEW - software designed for the fast development of any engineering application that requires test, measurement, or control. Great combination to optimize your test equipment costs and reduce development time.

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Open source code

Regardless of the fact that Red Pitaya STEM boards are mainly intended for usage as affordable pocket size multi-instrument devices, due to the OPEN SOURCE nature of the Red Pitaya STEM boards software*, you may also use them as:
DSP development boards, DAQ cards, FPGA development boards, Customizable T&M lab instruments.
Users can easily develop their own WEB application by modifying the existing ones or by writing them from scratch. Complete instructions are available, describing all steps and algorithms. If you are only interested in the development in the areas of DSP, the APIs enabling the writing of the algorithms in the C programming language and running them on Red Pitaya STEM boards are available. FPGA development is also possible on the Red Pitaya STEM boards using the free of charge Xilinx Vivado development tools and instructions provided by Red Pitaya.


Basic Accessories Kit

- SD card
- power supply
- ethernet cable

Diagnostic Accessories kit

- 2x osciloscope probes
- 2x SMA to BCN adapter
- 2x 50 ohm termination
- 2x SMA T adapter
- WIFI dongle



The acrylic case is the most convenient option to protect your Red Pitaya STEMlab.

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The Aluminium case is the best option to protect your Red Pitaya STEMlab with STYLE.

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Compliance CE, FCC

1 year warranty

30 day return policy

Network connectivity

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