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New HAMlab Charly 25 TRX RadioLab


High end TRX frontend for Red Pitaya / Stemlab - allows easy setup of an Allband transceiver

Uses all possible functions of the STEMlab 14 and STEMlab 16. Compatible with PowerSDR in the Charly 25 Edition.

(PiHPSDR under LINUX in preparation)

Technical specifications All prices include 22% VAT

Charley 25 Motherboard

  • 2 independent receive channels 50MHz - each with 2 preamplifiers (17dB +/- 1dB) and SW controlled attenuator.
  • High limit sensitivity (-139dBm / 500Hz BB)
  • high overload resistance (depending on the type of STEMlab used and its input configuration)
  • Diversity reception with automatic optimization in PowerSDR
  • minute 20W TX 160m to 6m - insensitive to bad SWR (protection shutdown at PA overcurrent, therefore usable with every SWR)
  • (not specified for 600m, but also works with up to 20W output - additional TP filter required)
  • Predistortion functionality via integrated coupler (with automatic predistortion optimization in PowerSDR)
  • SW controlled Predistortion Attenuator (switchable in 1dB steps from 0 to 31dB)
  • SWR measurement and display in Power SDR
  • Output line measurement + display in Power SDR
  • integrated, additional PA driver for use with Stemlab 16 (with transformer coupling for improved SDR performance))
  • YAESU compatible BCD output for controlling external PAs
  • max 500V / 8A PTT connection
  • I2C outputs for connecting a maximum of 2 RX preselector boards - see pictures of the full configuration
  • TRX output for internal VHF / UHF transverters (controlled by PowerSDR)
  • 13.8V supply with overvoltage protection, deep discharge protection for external batteries,
  • Integrated DC / DC converter 5V / 5A to supply Stemlab, Raspberry, etc.
  • 13.8V output after the protection circuit to protect internal components (transverter, etc.)
  • SW controlled TX / RX outputs for connection of VHF / UHF transverters
  • All features of the Red Pitaya / STEMlab remain accessible to additional available SMA ports until initialized by PowerSDR. This makes it possible to continue to use the applications for the STEMlab 14 / STEMlab 16 without restrictions (eg for use as a Vector Network Analyzer).