STEMlab 125-14 SDR kit

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What is in the box:

- Red Pitaya STEMlab 125-14 board
- Impedance transformer board
- SD card (4GB, class 8)
- ETH cable (1m)
- Power supply (5V, 2A)

  • Jorg Saure (What is so special about making an SDR transceiver with Red Pitaya by yourself?)

    The answer to that is that, in a short period of time, you will experience a sense of and create a super SDR transceiver which can be compared to other equipment in a considerably higher price achievement range.

  • Bob Wilson, N6TV

    "Thanks to Pavel Demin's free SDR Receiver App, the Red Pitaya can be used by both CW Skimmer Server and RTTY Skimmer Server to monitor about 180 kHz on each of EIGHT different radio bands, simultaneously.  I'm not aware of any other SDR currently on the market that can do this so well at such a low cost." 

HAM Radio Applications All prices include 22% VAT

SDR receiver

STEMlab coupled with Impedance board and free of charge customized Power SDR STEMlab/HAMlab edition becomes a fully functional SDR receiver with 0 - 60 MHz band coverage. You can use it also as an CW and RTTY Skimmer server, Weak Signal Propagation Reporter as well as Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer and if you are a constructor you can easily transform it into an fully functional SDR transceiver by adding your custom filters and amplifier.

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WSPR stands for Weak Signal Propagation Reporter. It is a computer program used for weak-signal radio communication between amateur radio operators. The program is designed for sending and receiving low-power transmissions to test propagation paths on the MF and HF bands.

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Skimmer Server

Pavel Demin has released a new version of his Red Pitaya SDR software that can support skimming on up to 8 bands simultaneously at 192 kHz, making it more powerful than the QS1R, which could only skim 7 bands.

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T&M Instruments All prices include 22% VAT


This application will turn your STEMlab board into a 2-channel Oscilloscope.

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Signal generator

This application will turn your STEMlab board into a 2-channel Signal generator.

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Spectrum analyzer

This application will turn your STEMlab board into a 2-channel DFT Spectrum Analyzer.

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Bode analyzer

This application will turn your STEMlab into an affordable Bode analyzer.

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Logic analyzer Pro

This application turns your STEMlab board into an 8 channel Logic Analyzer.

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LCR meter

This application will turn your STEMlab into an affordable LCR meter.

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It is a place where free of charge open source applications developed by our community members are available within a single click for immediate experience and use.

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Accessories All prices include 22% VAT

Basic Accessories Kit

- SD card
- power supply
- ethernet cable

Diagnostic Accessories kit

- 2x osciloscope probes
- 2x SMA to BCN adapter
- 2x 50 ohm termination
- 2x SMA T adapter
- WIFI dongle


Cases All prices include 22% VAT


The acrylic case is the most convenient option to protect your Red Pitaya STEMlab.

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The Aluminium case is the best option to protect your Red Pitaya STEMlab with STYLE.

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Calibration is performed in noise controlled environment. Inputs and outputs gains are calibrated with 0.02% and 0.003% DC reference voltage standards. Input gains calibration is performed in medium size timebase range. Red Pitaya STEMlab board is a non-shielded device and its inputs/outputs ground is not connected to the earth grounding. To achieve calibration results stated below, Red Pitaya must be grounded and shielded.

Compliance CE, FCC

1 year warranty

30 day return policy

STEMlab 125-14 SDR kit -

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