Logic Analyzer Pro

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The Logic Analyzer application enables the representation of the binary states of digital signals. The Logic Analyzer can both deal with purely binary signals, such as GPIO outputs of the Raspberry Pi or Arduino board, as well as analyze different bus (I2C, SPI, and UART) and decode the transmitted data. All Red Pitaya applications are web-based and do not require the installation of any native software. Users can access them via a web browser using their smartphone, tablet or a PC running any popular operating system (MAC, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS).



STEMlab 125-10, STEMlab 125-14 or SDRlab122-16 board


What is in the box:

- Logic Analyzer board integrated into an ALU case
- 8ch Logic Analyzer Probes
- Lifetime license with free updates

Logic Analyzer Details


Video Demo

Youtube i2C example video

Logic Analyzer Pro -

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